How should I store or care for my jewelry?

You should avoid getting any and all kinds of jewelry wet. Moisture reacts with all metals, most specifically sterling silver, copper and brass, and will oxidize the metal much faster, as well as increase the possibility of any skin reaction. You should avoid wearing your jewelry while showering or swimming, working out, or when applying sprays such as perfumes or hair spray.

Keeping a jewelry polishing cloth on hand is always a good idea, for wiping off excess oils and make up after each wear.

Store your jewelry in a place where it is not exposed to a lot of air; air causes oxidization which will tarnish sterling silver, copper and brass. Zip top bags, draw string bags and jewelry boxes all offer varying degrees of protection. Anti-tarnish strips and tabs, when kept in your jewelry box, will help prevent tarnish while your jewelry is stored. (Though these will not remove existing tarnish.)

Store each piece of jewelry separately, to prevent scratching and tangles.

Hanging necklaces will keep the chains from getting tangled.

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