I have metal allergies. What metal should I choose for my jewelry?

Aluminum is as close to hypo-allergenic as metal comes! If you have reactions to nickel, brass, copper, or even sterling silver, aluminum is the way to go!

Our aluminum is so safe, you could eat off it (though I don't recommend putting food on your jewelry!). It has a lower reaction rate than sterling silver, won't turn your skin green, oxidize or tarnish in any way. Best of all, it looks like silver, so you can have the look of silver at a fraction of the price.

Aluminum is also very lightweight, even deceptively so. Even our thickest gauge aluminum is still tons lighter than any of our other metals, but that doesn't mean its any less sturdy or strong.

Our stud earrings are made of stainless steel and are safe for nickel allergies.

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